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Friday, January 8, 2021

Calendar of Events

January 2021

1/11 - In-Person learning starts back up - see message below on returning student materials

1/11 - SIT Meeting - Rescheduled for 2/1/21

1/11 - PTO Meeting at 6:30pm (Virtual)

1/13 - Early Release Day (students dismissed at 12:45)

1/18 - Martin Luther King Day (No School)

1/20 - Early Release Day (students dismissed at 12:45)

1/21 - Picture Retake Day (flyer is coming home)

1/25 - State Professional Development Day (Virtual Learning for All)

1/27 - Early Release Day (students dismissed at 12:45)

February 2021

2/1 - SIT Meeting at 4:00pm (Virtual) - Rescheduled from 1/11

2/3 - Early Release Day (students dismissed at 12:45)

2/8 - PTO Meeting at 6:30pm (Virtual)

2/10 - Early Release Day (students dismissed at 12:45)

2/15-2/19 - February Vacation

2/24 - Early Release Day (students dismissed at 12:45)

March 2021

3/3 - Early Release Day (students dismissed at 12:45)

3/8 - PTO Meeting at 6:30pm (Virtual)

3/8 - SIT Meeting at 4:00pm (Virtual)

3/10 - Early Release Day (students dismissed at 12:45)

3/15 - State Professional Development Day (Virtual Learning for All)

3/17 - Early Release Day (students dismissed at 12:45)

3/19 - Trimester 2 Ends

3/24 - Early Release Day (students dismissed at 12:45)

3/26 - Report Cards Issued

Attestation Self-Check: https://ps.chariho.k12.ri.us/public/

Reminder: In-Person Learning starts back up on Monday, January 11th.

Daily Self-Check for all students is mandatory. Failure to do so will result in automatic DL.

Did you Travel over break?

As a reminder, if you traveled over break, students MUST quarantine for 14 days. This is district policy so there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you have traveled and have not yet informed Nurse Tara or me, please email us both ASAP and let us know when you returned back to RI. One of us will get back to you with a return date. I trust that all families will adhere to this policy to keep everyone safe and healthy. It is very much appreciated!

Student Materials

As we head back into school on Monday, January 11, the children will need the supplies and device they brought home before holiday break. Many students brought home their personal school crate with materials in it. The big question is how do we get it back to school? Ideally, it would be great if parents can drop off the crates Monday morning when bringing students to school. However, that will be difficult for students who take the bus. Here are two options.

  1. Parents drop off the materials/crates between 7:30 - 9:00 at the library door. As a reminder, student drop off is between 8:20-8:35 and crates/materials can be carried inside at this time as well. If parents come to drop off before or after student drop-off, please bring to the library door where a staff member will be there to greet you. Wear your mask please.
  2. However, if there is no way a parent can drop-off the crate/material, students can bring the crates on the bus. However, here are my worries with this option: what if the crate falls on the pavement and the school device is in the crate or what if the crate falls off the bus seat while the bus is in motion which can be a distraction to the driver. If this is the only option, please ensure that your child be careful while they walk and sit with the crate. :-)

Either way, it is very important that the materials come to school on Monday. I appreciate your assistance with this matter.

Great Opportunity from RIDE

The RI Department of Education has some great opportunities for families and students of students in K-12. The ACN (All Course Network) is part of PrepareRI, a statewide initiative to build career pathways for all Rhode Island youth. It is designed to help districts and schools offer students a wide range of academic and enrichment opportunities outside of the traditional school day - at no cost to students and families. This was typically a secondary option but they brought this down to the elementary students which is great. Check out this opportunity for your child. It is a great way to extend learning outside of school hours.

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Author Visit Information

Message from our author friend who visited with students right before winter break. Mark Binder was able to share stories for every grade level from preschool through fourth grade! Many of his audio stories for children and families are available on Spotify. You can listen for free and follow Mark at https://markbinderbooks.com/spotify. Also, he has worked out an arrangement with his publisher that allows students to get signed books and audiobooks, while a percentage of the money would be contributed back to the school. This is extended through Jan 17th and he will ship the books to the school the week of Jan 18. Mark’s books include The Bed Time Story Book, It Ate My Sister, and Cinderella Spinderella. There is no obligation, but wanted to at least offer it to families and teachers. You can buy them on Amazon, or directly at https://markbinderbooks.com/hope-valley. Thank you.

Early Release Day Wednesdays

Pre-School Information or K-4 Grade Information

As a reminder: Students can order lunch in the morning when teachers take lunch count and will be sent home on Early Release Wednesdays.

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The mission of the Hope Valley Elementary School is to work in partnership with our colleagues, students and families. We are committed to creating a learning environment where children are expected to achieve their full potential.