Nurses in the Civil War

Not as Clean as you Might Think


Are you looking for a job well you for sure don’t want this one there are bloody wounds, you may have to volunteer, and what side would you join! This is why you wouldn’t want to be a nurse during the civil war.


The wounds in the battle were bloody. There are many battle wounds during the war. Men limbs had to be cut off from infection by a butcher, most me that were wounded didn’t make it home. There were also a lot of infections. ”better not be squeamish. As a civil war nurse you’re going to see a whole lot of blood!” (pg.19)


Many women volunteered during the civil war. If your town/village was in the cross fire between sides many women would go help out the wounded men from both sides. If a side was hurt badly and lacking men the women would go over to that side and help there wounded men get better to fight even if they wanted the other side to win. They helped every one even if they weren’t in the battle.


Every women would volunteer even women without experience. The side the women chose made a big difference on the war the women helped care for both sides. Maybe one woman helped care for both sides. The women usually helped the side they were hoping would win. There were nursing camps near the battle field that the wounded went to.


And because of all the wounds, having to volunteer, picking a side because of all those reasons that is why you wouldn’t want to be a nurse during the civil war.