By Amadea, Angella, Kylie and Samantha

What is Netiquette?

Netiquette is the correct or acceptable way to communicate on the internet. It is basically etiquette on the internet. There are different types of Netiquette and different rules are applied. Here is an image of what you should think about before putting something out for the public.

How nettiquette can help.

Have you ever thought that your comments can hurt others? Have you ever thought about how you can influence the social media? Comments on the internet can hurt people sometimes even though it was not intentional. It can lead into arguments , cyber bullying and maybe even more severe things like suicides. Much of this could be prevented by following NETIQUETTE rules. Ask yourself the NETIQUETTE questions before you put anything out for the public. Here are some NETIQUETTE rules.

Forum/E-mail Nettiquette

Here are some examples:

Respect others

People from all around the world can be on the Internet. This creates an environment full of people from different backgrounds and different views.

Tone down

Avoid strong language and sarcasm

Text does not portray facial emotions or tone, so others may misinterpret what you’re actually trying to say.

Consider privacy

Ask a friend if you want to post a picture or information about him/her.

Avoid inappropriate information

This is self-explanatory.

Think before you post.

Check grammar and punctuation before you hit ‘Send’ or post something. Make sure your text is legible, and makes sense.

Dont send chain posts/email.

It’s really annoying, and helps no one.

Don’t type in ALL CAPS often.

It expresses shouting or raging, and is seen as impolite.

What are Nethics?

Nethics refers to the proper/responsible use of the internet. It is simple, just like ethics... on the internet.
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Text Nettiquette

Don’t drive and text.

No message is worth dying for. A Los Angeles metrolink train had killed 25 people in 2008, simply because the engineer, who was supposed to be driving the train, was texting.

Reply promptly.

If you receive a message, message them back as soon as you can. Don’t say, “I’ll text back in a day, just because it took him/her six hours to reply to my text.”

Don’t constantly check your phone in public.

If you’re waiting for an important text or call, tell the person(s) you’re with. In the movie theatre, remember to keep your phone on vibrate, or simply off.

Don’t leave your phone on the table.

Whether it’s a meeting or a dinner, don’t leave your phone on the table. According to a survey by Zoosk, an online dating website, ⅓ of their members have actually walked out on dates because their partners were constantly checking their phone. Turn your phone off.

Let someone know when you’re running late or can’t make it.

It doesn’t take very long to send a quick text.

It’s impolite to simply text sometimes.

For example, if you were thanking an employer after a job interview, you might want to give them a call, instead of simply a text.