Caliber: Beta Academy

Weekly What's Up

PD Agenda 2/19

1:30 Ms. Annie

1:40- 2:20 Opening

2:20-2:45 PBIS Check in

2:55-4:00 Spring PD and Priorities

*IAs will meet with Debbie in Room 25 starting 1:30*

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Tableaux Time!

What is a tableaux? A tableaux is created when a group of models or motionless figures represent a scene from a story or moment in history. Our opening activity for PD on Friday will include grade levels making their own tableaux that captures one of the funniest/most creative moments that has taken place in your classroom this year. Be prepared to freeze frame for 10 seconds then have a spokesperson share a 30 sec description about your tableaux.

Coming Up.... Weekly Schedule 2/22-2/26

Monday 2/22:
  • Ashlee Offsite 8-1:00

Tuesday 2/23:

  • Natalie Offsite, Susie/Annie Out at Illuminate Conference

Wednesday 2/24:

  • Susie/Annie Out at Illuminate Conference

Thursday 2/25:

  • Ashlee at Relay Conference
  • Spelling Bee 1:00 in room 5
  • 2016-17 Registration 4:15-7:00

Friday 2/26:

  • Ashlee/Andy at Relay Conference

Illuminate Testing...just around the corner

February 29th-March 4th

Reach out to Rui and/or Dora for support

Admin On Call Schedule

When a student receives a referral, send them to the front office ONLY. Susie and Patsy will then direct the student to Gaby, or if she is unavailable, to whichever admin is "on call"

Please NEVER send a student directly to room 2 or 3. We cannot guarantee that an adult will be there to receive them.

If a student refuses to leave the classroom when given a referral, please text or call the admin on call

Monday: Joe

Tuesday: Michael

Wednesday: Ashlee

Thursday: Natalie

Friday: All

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Classroom Newsletters

Thank you for the consistent thought and effort you are putting into writing your weekly class newsletters. Parents love to hear about all the action in your classrooms. Please ensure that your newsletter includes student shout outs, descriptions of special projects, field trips highlights, etc. as we are hearing from our parent community that they are craving information about these topics in particular. Consider including a few pictures from the classroom that will help parents feel a part of the fun!