2014 FBCS Bike-a-Thon

Riding to a brighter future.

Bike-a-Thon to be held on March 7

The 2014 First Baptist Church School of Caldwell Bike-a-Thon will be held on March 7 at the school. Donations to sponsor the event, or a child will go toward the capital campaign to build a chapel and cafeteria for the school.

If you're interesting in sponsoring one CUTE little 3 year old, we would really appreciate it. We've tried to make it easy. Complete the form below. An e-mail response will come to you within 24 hours that will "request payment" using amazon pay. (Don't worry, it's just the mama sending the e-mail. I've just set up an amazon pay account to be able to receive funds through debit and credit. No scary corporations involved here.) If that's too new-fangled and fancy, you can mail us a check the old-fashioned way.

Send checks (made out to FBCS) to:

Makala Gerland

1075 CR 307

Caldwell, Texas 77836

Thanks for your support! It won't go un-noticed. In return for your generous donation, you will get an autographed picture of Julianne riding her little heart out and a sincere thank you note from her mama.