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What is Your Profile as a Disciplinary Reader?

What is a disciplinary literacy?

Literacy taught specifically for content areas such as math, history, social studies, science, and other subjects.
The skills need to be taught so that students can be fluent in different types of text.

Reader Profile

WHAT- I enjoy reading different types of novels, such as romantic fiction or utopian fiction. I also enjoy science fiction! I read educational articles for my classes and also chapters in textbooks. I'm not a huge fan of non-fiction books but if it catches my attention, I'm all for it. :)

WHERE AND WHEN- I read pretty much anywhere! In my bed a lot before I go to sleep. Sometimes I read in the cafe where I work when there is downtime. I also do devotions and read my bible in the morenings.

HOW- When I'm reading things that are very interesting to me, like novels, I can flow through them pretty fluently and without much effort. When I am reading things in a textbook or educational article I have to be in a quiet, secluded place and have a highlighter or pen near me to make notes about what I'm reading.

WHY- Reading fiction allows me to be taken away to a different world and that is so cool to me. I also enjoy furthering my education by reading other subjects and staying up to date with things going on around me.

My favorite books:

How will my reading will effect my teaching?

I love reading, it is my favorite subject, I feel like this will carry over into my teaching because I will try to implement literacy into all the subjects instead of just having one set time to teach it. I plan to have different texts and genres available in my classroom to allow my students to find their identity as a reader and build on it.

Building of Literacy

First is basic.

Second is intermediate.

Third is disciplinary.