Genocide during the holocaust

Background Knowledge~

During World War II Nazi solders and German police officers committed genocide, the mass killing of an entire race and or religion,and over 6 million Jewish people lost their life.

Impact on the Holocaust

Genocide was pretty much what the holocaust was. Genocide is the mass killing of a race or religion which is what the holocaust was, the mass killing of Jewish people.

Primary document from the Holacaust

This a document from the holocaust talking about the killing of Jewish people
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Statistics of holocaust deaths

This graph shows what kind of people where killed during the holocaust.

Interesting facts

  • They killed babies and young children trying to prevent a new generation of Jews from reproducing and making more
  • Not all Jews where killed, some where sent to labor camps
  • Although concentration camps where not extermentaion camps they where responsable for many deaths

Cnn clip about the holocaust this video is about the Holocaust and the mass killing of Jewish people

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