My life

So Awesome???


On November 4, 2003 I was born. Two days after I was born I stopped breathing . Me and my mom and dad had to go all the way back to the hospital. After that day every then was fine. Until my sister came along.

Moving Schools

At first I thought the new school would be a bad thing because I would not be with my friends. But it was a good thing because I meet alot of friends. But next year I here is going to be better then this year.It is funny you would think that sixth grade would be hard but it is not.

About Me

Hi my name is Sydney. I am twelve years old. I go to Walnut Grove Middle school. I am in sixth grade. I have one sister named Landry, a mom, dad, and step dad. I have four dogs.


It was December 26, 2015. My mom, step dad, aunt, grandma, sister, three dogs, and me were all in the storm shelter two minuets after we took a goofy storm selfie it hit. It was a EF3. My house was destroyed.We could here the windows break, We could feel the roof lift off the house and put back down in the same place. We got out of the house and called my dad. I was terrified.