Night of the Twisiters

By: Ivy Ruckman


Dan hatch is the main character. He is 12 years old and lives with 3 other people. He went through 7 tornadoes. The next character is Arthur. He is a person who loves facts and likes reading books about things. He also went through 7 tornadoes. The 3rd character is Stacey she is Arthur's sister. She sees the best in people and wants to help people. The 4th character is Dan's mom. She used to work at a beauty salon, but now she is a stay at home mom. The 5th character is Dan's dad. He works at the farm with his dad and Dan's grandpa. The 6th character is Ronnie Vae . She is also Arthur's sister. She gets sucked by a tornado , but she lands on a bush. The 7th character is Aunt Goldie. She was at the bowling alley when the first tornado hit. The 8th character is Mrs. Smiley. She is a senior and gets trapped by one of the tornadoes. The 9th character is Ryan Dan's baby brother. She is along with Dan who saves his life. The 10th character is grandpa hatch who is at the farm when the first tornado hit. The last character is grandma hatch she is with grandpa hatch who is at the farm.

After the tornadoes and one year later

Dan was living in a RV while there house was destroyed. The medics were trying to help and men were building they also stayed at the farm for a little bit when they didn't have an RV. Arthur and Dan would hang out an Dan still has a crush on Stacey. Everything was going good according to Dan and Arthur.
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The night it hit

Part 3 summary

There were al so happy they found each other. They went back to the house which was destroyed and when they went around the neighborhood it was destroyed. A year later they were living in a trailer and everything was going better Mrs. Smiley unfortunately had passed away.

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