More ADHD cases diagnosed

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Diagnosed in younger children

One-third of children in the United States have been have been found to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) before the age of 6. ADHD diagnosis rates have been going up by 5% a year for over a decade, there are no definitive tests for testing for ADHD especially for children under 6. Usually If a child has ADHD they may have another disorder such as anxiety , sleeping disorders and learning disorders.

Disciplining children with ADHD

The children diagnosed with ADHD a report found that 64.7% of the initial concern about the child's behavior is expressed by the parents of the child but schools always play a big roll in flagging the symptoms.

Diagnosing ADHD

Diagnosing ADHD is not an easy thing to do , there are many factors that have to be checked and especially for young children it could be regular behavior. Many of times if two parents have ADHD their child has a 75% risk to being diagnosed with ADHD.
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By Azadeh Ansari, CNN

Updated 7:45 AM ET, Thu September 3, 2015