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Take Out Parties!

Build Your Business Out of State!

Recently at the LA Regional Meetings, Senor Director Michelle Freatman spoke about "Take Out Parties." I wasn't so sure about it then but I'm convinced now! Several of us have had friends offer to throw us a party but live out of state. Now we have the PERFECT solution...

Here's what Michelle's Does:
  • She takes a travel Beauty Bag and fills one side with 10 order forms, includes a pen
  • In the center pouch she includes biz cards and in a muslin bag includes a fully accessorized Tag necklace (tag, chain, dangles, earth elements)
  • In a bigger pouch she puts 2 or 3 fortune cookies with a fully accessorized locket (plates, charms, chain)
  • She lays the TOM's (Take Out Menus) in the middle and closes it up
  • She ships it to her "Take Out Party" hostess and her hostess shows it to her friends and family to sell
  • She is given one week and then the hostess sends everything back in the same box with a return postage-paid label
  • She has never had anything broken, etc. or had issues with the return. She of course has prepaid the postage.

Here's My Spin and what I'm doing right now with success:

  • I created a special Shopping Event E-blast (many of you saw Anita's last week)
  • I've sent tennis, dance, soccer, and football alumni (Cal-Berkeley) lockets up to SF like Michelle suggests
  • My sister will get hostess rewards of course based on her friend's orders...

My sister is taking orders for "Tennis & Football Alumni Lockets" for her friends who have lots of daughters that are into dance & soccer.

I like the idea of having a "themed promotion" so I went with the sports locket theme.

Can't wait for those DARLING new golf charms coming Oct 1st!

This way people aren't thinking about waiting until the holidays -

I recommend asking your friend about her top 10 friends or family members who might be interested and creating custom looks around their interests. If you nail it, your friend will do it again for the holidays!

What do you think?

Re: the Travel Jewelery Bag - a few of us have team members who happen to sell the perfect bag. Ask myself or Corina Mitchell for a hook up.

Here are some pictures to help you out!

I know many of you have been kicking the idea around: try it with a close family member of BFF first...



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