The Worst Has Yet To Come

Dystopian World

"You wear a mask so long, you forget who you were beneath it."

Gordon said this quote to Evy. Evy ran away from V because she realized that he was the one to kill the priest. He also tried to keep her in hiding for a whole year, she felt trapped and lonely. This relates to a dystopian society in the movie because V is a masked murderer, but before then he was the victum. This relates to the world today because the wars that we are fighting today are brutal and cold hearted. No other coutries really care about each other.


There’s nothing better than class starting at 7

Walking through the halls with an agenda

Ending the first lunch block at 11

Trying to get out of class just to see Kendra

Rushing to class knowing the bell is about to ring

Talking to friends trying to find your destination

While your friends in the halls just doing their thing

Second block started, I sing with a passion

Teachers don’t about the things we go through

Daily irritation is too much to take

Were trying but even with all of the things that we do

Teachers will always try a way to make or break

The rules will never change, they will stay the same

But even the worst students will always remain.

Dystopian World

Dystopian World

Our world is coming to a tragic change, a division of people, things, and places. The things we do in our everyday lives are definitely not positively affecting us. The crime in our world revolves mostly around blacks and very few whites. For example when you walk into a school building and you see kids in their own group or clique, this is a form of dystopian society. The emails we send to one another, the text messages, even the music we listen to. The common words that we say in English are becoming slurred. The quote from the book, “BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING.”(Orwell pg. 2). This quote in our society today is referring to the government saying we’re being watched even when we don’t know it.

Dystopian society is current because look at the rules that we go by, the things that we wear which could clearly come off as dystopian. For example in the book of the hunger games in there world they have a totalitarian government. This means that there government controls every last thing that they do, which is very bad because the people have no say so.”A dystopia is supported to be a fictional world that’s significantly worse than the world the author comes from.” (Winfield),(Curtis),(Korey),(McSwain).” The people that we watch on television that we think are just perfect but they are really not. The clothes that most people wear are because we see other people wearing and then we ultimately think that this is a cool thing. There’s only one word for that, DYSTOPIA!!!!!

The world as we know it today will never be same if we keep progressing like this. For example the very wealthy people are separated from the serfs or poor people. The wealthy live in big lavish homes with swimming pools and indoor and outdoor activities to participate in. The poor are very much the struggling class, they work for basically pennies, their homes are filthy, they wear the same clothes over and over again. While the middle class are surviving making a living. In today’s world it seems like its survival of the fittest and that’s not how it should be. Another example would be new technology, which has expanded greatly. Humans now have the power to develop and mature faster with steroids and other viral medications. We have the power to get fatter, skinnier, and wider. Also let me not forget about the iPhones that we now have. There like portable computerized phones that everyone wants, but it’s just another dystopian trick to get us to buy it. No one see’s this, only a few of many people in this entire world of billions.

Drake - The Calm

Drake The Calm Lyrics

I'm just so far gone
October's own
Please leave me alone
Drunk off champagne
Screamin' in the phone
See my house is not a home
What is going on
Where did we go wrong
Where do we belong

Caught up in the game and it's one I can't postpone
Meanin' if it rains, I'm the one it's rainin' on

When my diamond chain is on, still nothin' set in stone
Women borrow sweaters that I spray with my cologne
And tell me don't forget them and I promise that I won't

Feelin' so distant from everyone I've known
To make everybody happy I think I would need a clone
Places we get flown, parties that we've thrown
I've done more for this city then these rappers that have blown

It's only been three years
Look at how I've grown

I'm just in my zone
I call this Thing the calm
Yeah, but I'm the furthest thing from calm

Dedicated to my mom and I swear my word is bond
Everything will be ok and it won't even take that long
You can see it in my face or even read it on my palm
Leader of the new school, it's proven and it's known

I'm sittin' in a chair but in the future it's a throne
I know you like to worry, it'll be better if you don't

[Hook (Drake talking)]

You know everything gon' be all right, I promise
I apologize to you know, put y'all in this position vent to y'all but
40 Mama always say don’t ask permission
Just ask forgiveness you know so uh, forgive me, yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
And life is so insane
Look what I became trying to make a name

All my first dates are interrupted by my fame
Because every picture taken is a fan that you can gain

They love it when you smile unaware that it's a strain
It's a curse you gotta live with when you born to entertain
Women need attention, therefore, women will complain
Develop hatred for men and say that your the one to blame
Tryin' to enjoy myself with Tez in Miami at the game
I just wish he knew how much it really weighed like Dwyane

It's a weight that's on my chest whoever spotting me is playing
So I'm lifting all alone try not to get a sprain

Hoping Western Union doing currency exchange
Cause my dad called and got me feeling guilty and ashamed

Like, how I had a Rolls and I went and got a Range
And he paying for his cigarettes with dollars and some change
Yeah, and I could only feel his pain
Cause in Memphis Tennessee there's only so much to attain

So I'm filling out the form at the counter once again
He say he love me I just hope he doesn't say that All in vain

I'm why your girl heart is in a slang
Call me "Heartbreak Drake"
, I'm the hardest one to tame
As a man, I'm just honest; as an artist I'm a king
With my own set of problems that be sitting on my brain
Yea, and see, this is the thang
What they viewing as bragging is the way that I maintain
The shit I write while staring out the window of a plane
Is the single-handed reason I remain me

I said I call this Thing the calm
But I’m the furthest thing from calm
Swear I’m putting on
And everybody wanna ask
What type of act you putting on, like

Theme Song Paragraph

The title of the song is "The Calm", the rapper/singer drake sings this song. This relates to a dystopian society because in this song drake refers to things that in life that are not going to change. The song title is the opposite of the reality of things that drake is talking about. The parties and things that everyone wants is not really what there all cracked up to be. In the book winston was committing thoughtcrime and in the lyrics he says that you are smiling on the outside but in the inside you dont really feel the way you do.

Its like you want to speak whats on your mind but in reality you cant, because thats how you gain enemies. With enemies comes a price which you have to pay for later on down the line. In the lyrics he says that hes sitting in the chair but in the future its a throne.This which means that future reference to the present will not change.

No Government Allowed

Wednesday, Oct. 4th 2006 at 1pm to Wednesday, July 4th 2018 at 3pm

This is an online event.

This event is about Big Brother trying to control cities. In this movement we hold up signs, we march, we sing throughout the day. We yell, we scream, we jump, we act kindly but with a firm mean tone at the same time. This is designed to keep big brother away from small cities and major states. At the event my people will take a stand, we will speak or minds and we will be heard. there will be posters put all around the cities to get people to join this event.

Favoritism in school sports

While in school coaches and teachers show favoritism towards basketball players and football player. Teachers will see a basketball player in trouble and they will try there hardest to get them out of trouble because everyone likes people that play sports that are good at it. This makes it a dystopia because people are so sucked in on a good player in school. You ultimately become popular if you are the best player in your sport. Mainly football and basketball players are targeted because no one really cares about soccer or baseball. On top of that at the games all the kids are yelling the players names, and chanting the same thing.


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