Interpersonal Comm 315 Project

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Cady in Mean Girls uses selfish deception so she doesn't get in trouble.
Girl on Girl Crime - Ms. Norbury

Disconfirming Behavior:

Sheldon's friends display disconfirming behavior towards Sheldon during lunch by ignoring what he has to say and starting another conversation.
The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon ignored

Emotionally Tone Deaf:

Sheldon is emotionally tone deaf while talking to the head of the Human Resources department.
Sheldon insults the head of Human Resources in The Big Bang Theory - Egg Salad Equivalency

Backhanded Compliment:

Barney Stinson shows how a backhanded compliment works in this clip of How I Met Your Mother.
The back handed compliment - how I met your mother

Accepting A Compliment:

Blind contestant Christine accepts a compliment from Gordon Ramsay.
Christine's Apple Pie | MasterChef US

Self Deprecating Strategies:

In the movie Roxanne, Steve Martin makes jokes about his nose to make others laugh.
Insults to a Nose - Roxanne (4/8) Movie CLIP (1987) HD


Chandler shows beltlining when he makes fun of the bracelet that Joey got for him and hurts his feelings.
friends clip of braclet buddies


Joey and Chandler are confronted by some bullies at the coffee shop.
FRIENDS - S02E21 - The bullies at the coffeehouse - Part 2

Sexual Harassment:

The Office clip below exemplifies some serious sexual harassment. Michael Scott, the manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch, kisses an employee to "prove" that he's not homophobic.
Michael Kisses Oscar // The Office US


Central Marker:

This is Sheldon's spot, it is solely reserved for him at all times.
Big image

Boundary Marker:

Jim is defending the boundary line of his desk with a pencil fence.
Big image

Ear Marker:

Brian is the family pet of the Griffin's on Family Guy. He wear a collar that signifies he belongs to them.
Big image

The Attraction Theory:


Sheldon and Amy are both quirky and they share interests in science and technology.
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Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly work together and that is where their relationship begins.
Big image


The Chanel's in Scream Queens always work to please Chanel Oberlin. They do her bidding, whatever that may be.
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Physical Attraction / Personality:

In the movie John Tucker Must die, John Tucker is involved with several girls due to physical attraction.

Socioeconomic and Education Status:

The bunnies are members in the Playboy Mansion of Hugh Huffner because of his socioeconomic status.

Reciprocity of Liking:

The cartoon shows the woman's surprise to discovering someone likes her. From this point toward she will begin to like the other person as well.

Types of Love:

Eros Love:

The two people in this image display Eros Love through physical and sexual attraction.

Ludus Love:

Barney from How I Met Your Mother enjoys relationships that are not serious, only for fun and excitement.

Storge Love:

The relationship between Jess and Nick in New Girl started as friends then slowly increased with passion.

Pragma Love:

Marshall and Lilly had been together since freshman year in college. It was practical and traditional to get married.

Mania Love:

In the series Friends, Ross and Rachel go through times of love and anger in their relationship.

Agape Love:

Claire and Phil in Modern Family display love as selfless, committed, and faithful. At the end of end show, the couple always finds the best in each other and their family.

Blocking a Message Through Noise:

This is an example of physiological noise, the medical disability (hearing impairment) distorts the message that the doctor was trying to send to the patient.
Big image

Stereotyping Based on Gender:

In this cartoon, the radiologist lets the soon-to-be parents know that their baby is a girl, solely on the premise that the baby is reading about a shoe sale. This is stereotyping based on gender because women are perceived to be more excited towards shopping rather than men.
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Physical Symptoms Caused by Emotions:

  1. Crying uncontrollably (depression/sadness)
  2. Slow respiration (depression)
  3. Increased heart-rate, flushed face and raised voice (anger)
  4. Headaches, stomach aches, sweating, pounding heart (anxiety)
  5. More relaxed mood, feeling "lighter" (happiness)
  6. Dizziness, chest pains (fear)
  7. Sleep disturbances due to anxiety or depression
  8. Shunning social activity due to stress overload
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Abstract to Concrete:

  1. Car
  2. Japanese car
  3. Mazda car
  4. Mazda sedan
  5. 2016 Mazda sedan
  6. 2016 Mazda 6 sedan
  7. 2016 Mazda 6 sedan (automatic transmission)
  8. Red 2016 Mazda 6 sedan (automatic transmission)
  9. Red 2016 Mazda 6 sedan (automatic transmission) sport
  10. Red 2016 Mazda 6 sedan (automatic transmission) sport grand touring