Education system in Canada

We will explain the education system of Canada

A high-quality public eduation.

The Canadian public education system level encompasses schools kindergarten through grade 12 will. All public shools in Canada are accredited by provinces follow a standard curriculum, employ only certified teachers by her govermment and are publicly funded.

Over 95% of Canadians choose public education for their children.

Students of Canadian public high rub the Wordl Summit on standardized tests. Shares or Canadian high school graduation school are recognized worldwide.

Almost all public schools are co-educational and accept international students to study programs for high school graduation or for shorter stays of several weeks, months or a year or two. Many alementary schools also accept students for studies in the short or long term.

Canadian school uniforms

Usual in Canada aren't people wear uniform because schools are most public schools.

But wich they aren't public use this uniform:

Senior living

Students and their parents choose Canada as a study destination because tuition fees are competitive and let out a high standart of living. The standard of living in Canada is one of the highest in the word.

Languages in Canada.

As a bilingual nation, Canada is renowned dor its curriculum of English and French.

Foreign students in Canada found the perfect place to train in both languages.

Those enrolled in these courses can remain in the country with a visitor's visa up to six months. FOR COURSES THAN 6 months, you must obtain a permit to study.

CIC - Canada's Largest Boarding High School