BY R.J. Palacio

Best book!

This is the 1 of the best books I've ever read! It is 1 of the best books I've read because it is has tons of interesting actions and a lot of different emotions. :)

Main Characters

The main characters are.... August, Jack Charlotte, Via, Mr. Tushman, Summer, Miranda, Justin, Isabel, Nate, and Daisy August's dog.


The setting is quite a few places.... School, Home, Auditorium, Jack's house.


In the beg. August is being very quiet and home schooled. He doesn't go very many places out of home. He has a face deformity and kids are making fun of him.

In the mid. August starts going to to school. When he 1st starts school kids are giving him a hard time and he thinks about quitting school.

In the end August has tons of friends and kids are starting to stand up for him. To find out the rest of the ending read this book. (You can find it in your local library) a.k.a. Bridle Ridge library.


The author's purpose is that everyone is different. I also believe that another lesson to be told is that you should always try something new, even if you're scared because most likely it is going to turn fine.