All about Tiong Bahru

Class 2I4 Group 9

interview findings

Section A;According to the people we interviewed, most of them find it convenient to stay in Tiong Bahru. This is because there are variety of shops which has wide range of selections to choose from. They also have convenient transportation which is only 2 stations away from Sentosa. There are lots of cafes, hawker centres which sells delicious foods. Even though most of the residents find it interesting to stay in Tiong Bahru, some are forced to stay there as their parents and grandparents have always stayed. In their opinions, they find that there are no special places because tiong bahru as a whole is special.       Section B;People who are not staying Tiong Bahru find it interesting whenever they come to work or shopping at Tiong Bahru. They said that there are alot of shopping malls, variety of foods and most interestingly, there is a bomb shelter( do you know tiong bahru is the only bomb shelter from World War 2?) . They also find it convenient to work at Tiong Bahru. If they were given a chance to stay in Tiong Bahru, they said that 1st and last choice is given, unless they find a better place.

research about tiong bahru

Built in the 1930s, Tiong Bahru Estate is one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore. It was the first project undertaken by the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT), a government body administered by the British colonial authority, to provide for mass public housing in Singapore. The estate consists of about 30 apartment blocks with a total of over 900 units. The apartment blocks are made up of two to five-storey flats and the units are assorted three to five-room apartments
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