See you at the EU

If the medieval period has got you confused, come to the EU to be bemused

In April 2016, the EU MusEUm presents a major exhibition of the medieval period's, one of the most savage periods in human history, art, music and manuscripts. The exhibition marks the most comprehensive survey of the medieval period in Australia to date.

Medieval art, architecture, artefacts, manuscripts and music

We're open every day, except Christmas

Opening Hours

Monday-Thursday: 9am-9pm

Friday: 10am-7:30pm

Saturday-Sunday: 9am-8pm


Our facilities are avant-garde, state-of-the-art. They provide museum-goers with the information and knowledge of the Medieval period. Our museum is ideal for history excursions as it provides students with the nourishment of knowledge. EU is a perfect venue for birthday parties, with complimentary medieval reenactments. See our website for further details and do not hesitate to call if you have any queries.

Medieval Exhibition Opening

Friday, April 1st, 10am

College Street

Darlinghurst, NSW