Underwater Welder

By: Darin Bruski

  • Job Description: An underwater welder is required to demonstrate a combination of welding skills on dry land and commercial diving. Underwater welders, also known as offshore welders, are expected to have the ability to manage heavy equipment while performing work in a hazardous work environment.

  • Earnings: Some welders only make about $15,000 per year, but others can make over $200,000 per year. More experienced underwater welders, particularly those working on a contract or consulting basis, may be paid more per job.

  • Education: Qualification for certification requires the demonstration of various skills by a diver including the ability to use a variety of commercial grade equipment, hyperbaric chamber operations, underwater inspections, emergency procedures and diving physiology, and diver communication.

  • Working Conditions: Underwater welding conditions can vary greatly, but these people are always working outside and are constantly in and out of the water. Welders can work in any number of conditions, including cold and rain, rougher seas, or calm, warm waters.

  • Pros: You make a lot of money.

  • You get to travel all around the world.

  • Cons: Some cons would be that you have to go deep underwater, and you have to get use to breathing the carbonated air.


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