Come Visit Pennsylvania!

The Keystone State!

You should really come visit Pennsylvania! If you come to Pennsylvania you could go to Philadelphia, You could watch The Phillies, Eagles, Flyers, Union,Sixers and some other teams. There is a team for everyone in PA (if you come in season). You could also see Independence Hall where our country was founded.


If you are a sports fan, this is the place for you! You could see the Flyers and the 76ers in the Wells Fargo Center or the Phillies and Eagles just walking distance away. There are also other sports teams to see. Or you could go to Pittsburgh and watch the Pirates, the Steelers, the Penguins or some other teams. ( If you come in season).
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Our country's birth

I think if you are an American citizen you have to come to Philadelphia. Philadelphia is where our country was born. They signed the Constitution there in 1776. You could also see the Liberty Bell.
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There is the Appalachian mountains, Hershey park, Hershey chocolate world and much more. The art mueseum, the franklin institute and many more mueseums.There is also many more parks and you could go to Gettysburg. In the summer, you can go to Williamsport to see the little league world series!
There are so many great places to go in Pennsylvania. You could go to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg or many other places. You could watch sports, go camping, do different historic things and much much more. There is really something for everyone. So now all you have to do is plan your trip. See you there!