Corey Mathews

Democratic Party

Foreign Policy

Mathews believes that although the United States needs to be a strong and independent nation, it also needs to rely on diplomacy, rather than military action, to solve global problems. Except for instances in which U.S. security is directly threatened or the United States is directly attacked, Mathews would like to see the United Nations take more responsibility for peacekeeping missions. Mathews believes that the lives of our young people are too precious to squander and that U.S. military action should be used only as a last resort.

Illegal Immigration

Although illegal immigration is a problem, the only way the United States will solve the problem is by offering a realistic solution that appeals both to Americans and to undocumented immigrants. Mathews proposes that a guest worker program be created. This would allow people to come to the United States for up to three years to obtain work. At the end of that three years, they could continue to work in the United States if they begin the process of becoming a citizen. Otherwise, they would need to return home.


Vote for Mathews and live in a free non violent world.