Earnest Rutherford

Birthday: August 30, 1871. Died: October 19, 1937.

Chemist and physicist

Earnest Rutherfords education took place at Nelson Collegiate School and Canterbury College. He took Thompson's theory into further detail and studied it more indepthly. Rutherford was awarded the 1908 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his theory of atomic structure. Rutherfords theory was that he could take a lazer and shoot it towards gold foil, and it would go straight through because of all the posetive particles. What actually happened was a few beams went straight but most went off in other directions. This happened because the posetive particles from the beam ricochet off the posetive particles in the gold foil.


Early Life

Earnest Rutherford was the fourth of twelve children, and the second son.

James, his father, had little education and struggled to support the large family on a flax-miller’s income. His mother, Martha, worked as a schoolteacher. She believed that knowledge was power, and placed a strong emphasis on her children’s education. Earnest spent most of his time after school working on the farm.

At the age of 10, Rutherford was handed his first science book, at Foxhill School. It was a very momorable moment for Rutherford, given that the book inspired his very first scientific experiment.

On October 19, 1937 Earnest Rutherford died of a strangulated hernia. He was alive for 66 years.

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