teenage girls being active


Physical activity is an important part of well-being and health, and as girls grow up, they should remain active. Teenage girls should do at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Being active doesn't always mean participating in a netball game, or going to the gym. Everyday activities such as cycling, walking, helping around the house or even dancing to your favourite song, are all a part of being active.


Helps maintain healthy body weight – you’ll keep yourself healthy by strengthening you muscles and bones, also keeping your lungs and heart healthy.

Decreases depression and stress levels – when active, your brain releases endorphin's and other feel-good hormones. These chemicals give you a positive boost and feeling of well-being. This can help you deal with stressful times and prevent you from being depressed.

Increases self-esteem levels - being active can improve your confidence along with feeling good about yourself.

Have fun with friends and make new ones – being out and trying new activities gives you plenty of opportunities for you to meet new people.


Out And About

Never thought you could be active while shopping with your girlfriends?

Shopping – Instead of taking the elevator or escalator, choose to take the stairs, or if in a hurry, walk up the escalator stairs instead of riding them.

Walking – Instead of being driven to the corner shop, why not walk? Instead of taking the tram up to school from the train station, take a walk. It’s a simple, easy way to be active and only takes a little more time.

Bike – why not try biking to school, or friends house a few times a week?

Household Activity

Ever wanted to be active, but didn't want to leave the house? Here are a few suggestions:

Vacuuming – it might sound strange, but pushing around the vacuum can get the heart pumping and your arms working! Not to mention getting mum off your back about doing chores!

Circuit – got a mat or carpet? Why not set up a four station circuit? One could be push-ups and another could be sit-ups. It doesn't have to be long, 20 minutes is great!

Walk the dog – got a dog? Why not give your mum a break and take your poochie for a walk in the local park!

In the backyard – Why not kick around a footy, or play some soccer? Or 10 minutes on a skipping rope is great for the heart!

In the Park – Got a park nearby? Why not jog over and go for a run? Not only will it help strengthen your muscles, but you’ll also burn calories!


Have a passion for playing in the local tennis team, or jumping on the basketball court? Here are a few sports that might interest you:

Netball - Looking to meet new people, be active and play on a team? Netball improves fitness levels, but also hand eye coordination and upper torso strength.

Basketball – Basketball is another great team sport that builds on endurance, but also burns calories and works the heart and lungs.

Tennis – both as a recreational activity and sport, tennis is good for maintain fitness and health. It can reduce stress, improves flexibility, strength and muscle tone. It’s also a great way to meet new people.

Swimming – swimming is a great recreational sport that can also be competitive. It builds muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness, as well as keeping your heart rate up. It helps maintain a healthy weight as well as healthy lungs and heart. It can be very relaxing and peaceful form of exercise.

Soccer – Not only is it a great team sport, but it increases bone and muscle strength, whilst lowering body fat. There is a constant change between sprinting, running and walking, which in turn, improves health.