Luke Bryan

By: Samantha Armintrout


-Thomas Luther Bryan was born in Leesburg, Georgia on July 17,1976

-When he graduated from High School at he made the choice to move to Nashville at age nineteen but the day he was going to move his older brother Chris died in a car accident. This stopped all aspects of the move he decided that family was much more important so he went to college at Georgia State University and he continued to play in local clubs.

-worked for his father with the family business his father jokingly fired him and told him to go after his dream. Luke went to Nashville in 2004 and got signed by Nashville Capital Records.

-He played his first big show at the Grand Ole Opry where his older sister Kelly was there to cheer him on Luke says the Grand Ole Opry means a lot to him because that was the last time he say his sister she died unexpectantly three days later the reason for her death is still unknown she was only 39. He said losing his two older siblings at such young ages was what really made him want to spend every moment he can with his family his wife and his two boys.

-Luke Bryan has release 4 albums and over 10 number ones

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Title 1.-At first i thought the title was saying you don't know anything.

Paraphrasing-A hung over drunk asked a man for money but the man said no and said "go get a job" the drunk told him i know what you think ill spend your money to go buy more alcohol. The drunk tells him you don't know anything about Jack Daniels you don't know what its like to be an alcoholic and loose your whole life to your addiction. The drunk tells the man to go home and hug his kids kiss his wife and thank the Lord you don't know anything about being an alcoholic.

Connotation-"You don't know Jack" repetition,saying that its way more than what you think.- " He showed me a picture, of two little girls wearin' Easter dresses,hair done up in curls" Imagery, when you hear it you can picture two small girls all dressed up.-"If you never felt the fire,Running through your veins, If you've never seen the devil face to face" Hyperbole,Not a real fire in his veins. Imagery, You picture the pain and heat of all the alcohol in his body and the pain it would be to an alcoholic.

Attitude-the speaker is a Man meeting an alcoholic and he feels very strong and sad about the subject.

Shifts-Tone is the same sad and informative through the whole thing.

Tittle 2.-after going through the song i now know it is about you not knowing anything about alcoholism.


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