Recycle or The World Will End!!!

An Original Chioce Element By Nithin Pingili

What's going on???

Hurry before it is too late!! The world might end if you do not recycle in the next minute. Just kidding. Hi! My name is Nithin and this is my Flyer to get people to recycle. If you are already convinced then close the computer and find anything that you think you can recycle. If you are not sure if an object you find is recyclable or not, just look at some of the pictures provided below.

More Details about this!!!

Referring back to what I said about the world ending, I was somewhat correct. You see, if people don't start to reuse the stuff they are throwing away then the waste in landfills is just going to get increased. That could cause severe problems for mother earth. One consequence that may result is over usage of land occupation by landfills. This limits the areas of where people can live. Also pollution is a big thing and that can hurt the environment severely. And to wrap this up, think of how many trees will be saved if we reuse the paper that is being throw away. Trees help us by giving us oxygen so we have to do the same by helping them survive. The environment and humans are very dependent on each other so do your best in recycling.

We just do things that feel right. Join is in our journey!