Simon Bolivar & Jose Maria Morelos

Latin American Leaders Who Left A Legacy

Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar was born on July 24, 1783. He was born in the New World in Caracas, New Granada (now Venezuela) into a wealthy family, making him a Creole. He was a leader in the movement of giving independence to Venezuela and Ecuador. These countries wanted their independence in order to be free from Spanish rule.

Simon Bolivar worked and lead in the fight for independence. One way that Bolivar helped in the fight for independence was by creating the Gran Colombia, which included most of Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador. Also, he formed the Admirable Campaign which formed the Venezuelan Second Republic. Along with these feats, he wrote the "Letter From Jamaica" in which he discussed his ideas and vision for the South American Republic.

Simon Bolivar died on December 17, 1830. Today he is honored in North America, South America, Turkey, Egypt, and Australia through statues, plazas, roads, cities, and towns.

Jose Maria Morelos

Jose Maria Morelos was born on September 30, 1765 in Valladoid, Mexico. He was a native in Mexico and born into a lower class family. He was a leader in the fight to gain independence for Mexico. Morelos fought to diminish social classes and race distinctions in Mexico in order to live a life with freedom and equality.

In order to help the independence fight in Mexico, Morelos worked closely with leader Miguel Hildago. Hildago made Morelos a lieutenant and ordered him to raise an army in the south to march on Acapulco. Also, when Hildago was captured and executed, Morelos took charge of the armies. Jose Maria Morelos took matters into his own hands and stepped up to lead.

Jose Maria Morelos died on December 22, 1815. Today he is honored on bills and coins. Also, the state of Morelos and the city of Morelia are named after him.