Parent news during district closure

Remote Learning Week 3: April 6 - 12

I want to share my heartfelt thank you with all of our students, parents, and staff. These are unusual times, and I realize our families have been affected in many different ways. Your students’ well-being and education continue to be our top priorities.

Stay safe and be healthy out there. We are here to support you. Please reach out to your child’s teacher or principal when you have questions or concerns.

Superintendent Steve Chapman

We are Simplifying Processes for Families

We are standardizing our schedule to make it easier for parents to support remote learning. Starting April 5, all students will be able to access their activities at 9 AM every Sunday morning. This gives parents an extra day at the beginning of the week to help their students.

We're also collecting helpful information in two central locations on our HEB ISD website:

During this time of remote learning, we've simplified our system for grades. Teachers will determine pass/fail grades based on three components:

  • Participation,
  • Turning in Activities on Time, and
  • Meeting Teacher Expectations.
This change establishes a consistent grading process across classrooms, while recognizing the extra stressors the pandemic has brought to our students and their families.

Parents and students, please continue to check your email each day.

Elementary - Week 3 Updates

During week 3, our remote learning is growing! We are continuing to add features to connect students and teachers.

  • If you have access to technology at home, your student will use more online tools to connect directly with teachers. These tools, like Seesaw or Google Classroom, will support your child's learning and help your family maintain social distancing, by reducing the need to transport paper to/from the school.

  • If you don't have access to technology at home, don't worry! Instructional packets will still be available at each school for families without technology resources.

Visit our Home Education Bridge website to learn more about Week 3 for elementary school students...

Secondary - Week 3 Updates

In Week 3, our junior high and high school students continue remote learning:

  • Junior High students should each have 7 classes in Google Classroom
  • High School students should each have 5 classes in Google Classroom (minus any release periods)

Google Classroom allows teachers to run classes completely online through one central "hub". This includes everything from providing instruction to assigning, collecting, and giving feedback on activities.

AP students -- please monitor your HEB ISD email address for updates from The College Board.

Celebrations #HEBISDPROUD

  • Over 2,600 educational devices have been provided to our students for remote learning.
  • Our Helpdesk staff have responded to an average of 400 calls & emails per day from families working through technology challenges.
  • 6Stones Mission Network has distributed school supplies serving over 600 families in our community.
  • And finally, over 23,000 students, 1,432 teachers, and 105 administrators and staff were connected through our Home Education Bridge. We are #HEBISDPROUD of all our families and staff!