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December 18, 2015

Science Superheroes By: Charlie and Adam

Science, the subject of wonder. We will be writing about science lessons in our class. We have done fun projects and assignments. Science has challenged us a lot this week. A lot of classmates have found science to be very interesting.

Most people in our class thought that learning elements for the first time was really hard. There were lots of things to learn about elements, like the atomic number, atomic mass and properties. That is probably why it was one of the most challenging things in science.

Many classmates said that their favorite project or assignment that they did was the element video. We got assigned an element. Then we got to make a video about the element. Then, finally, we got to post those videos on Edmodo and people got to grade them.

There are many interesting things in science but learning about the elements was fun for our class. According to Jonas K., “I think that elements are the most interesting thing that we have learned in science.” In conclusion, science in our class is has been interesting, fun and challenging.

Division Devils By: Jonas K. and Jonas W.

We have learned many things in school so far this year. In this issue of curriculum we will be talking about math, but specifically division! Math is one of our favorite subjects. Recently in math we have been doing 2 digit by 2 digit division and adding a picture to represent the problem when we are using long division. For example, when solving a word problem with 32/15, the answer would be 2 remainder 2. The picture would be 32 dots and we would circle groups of 15, and we used long division. The picture depends on the story problem. We might use 32/15 to solve two completely different story problems. To help us remember the steps in long division we use Del, Mar, Solana, Beach which is a trick to remember divide, multiply, subtract and bring down. At first this was difficult for us but after we did the first few in our Eureka math book we got the hang of it. We asked Charlie what he likes to do in math and he said,"math videos." Math is going great in class!

Editorial: Should We have Uniforms or NOT By: Mia and Angelina

Should We have Uniforms or NOT

Yes: I think we should have uniforms because they would make getting ready for school simple. You wouldn't have to always stress about what you wear. For example, some kids take a long time choosing what they wear, but if we had uniforms they could put it on and not care. That is why I want uniforms. Also, nobody would be able to make fun of your clothes because you would all be wearing the same thing. It would also help because when the teacher is talking, the students would not be playing with their clothes. These are some reasons that I think we should have uniforms. - Mia

No: I think we should not have uniforms because they can be expensive. Kids can grow out of their uniforms very quickly, so they will have to pay more and more money. Also, kids won’t have the chance to be creative and choose what they want to wear. Uniforms can also be very uncomfortable. For example, somebody could be allergic to one of the materials. Also, if a uniform is too big or too small, then it can also be uncomfortable. These are some reasons that I think that we should not have uniforms. -Angelina

Around School By: Brenna and Lindsay

For our topic we will be talking about Adopt-A-Family. Now, it sounds a little weird at first, but we are not actually adopting a family to live with us! It is like a toy drive, but is also a community service project for a many classes around Skyline. The kids in the adopted family will get gifts such as clothes, stuffed animals, blankets or books and the whole family gets a gift card to a grocery store such as VONS or Sprouts.

This is how you can give gifts and get involved. Our teachers give us a tag that has the child's wish list and their age. It also tells us if it is a girl or a boy. The gifts are pretty easy to get. The teachers know who the family is but you and the families don't know each other, so it's kind of like our class is doing Secret Santa for the family.

Many classes are doing the community service project Adopt-A-Family and twelve families have been adopted But, some classes only have a few people that are participating in this toy drive so we really encourage people who haven't signed up yet to sign. It's for a great cause. Overall, we really encourage you to sign up for the community service project Adopt-A-Family.

World Hunger Projects By: Aedan and Kyden

We are going to be informing all you readers about our most recent STREAM project about world hunger. In this project we had to pick a part of the world that has hunger problems like Mongolia or Africa. Then, we had to design a solution to their hunger problems by learning what causes them. For example, you could create a plan for government interaction if they need more money or a water purifier if there is a shortage in clean water. Then, we finished up by writing about how we know it will work.

Ask Astrid

Dear Astrid,

Our new partners are great, but my partner is very distracting. This student won't let me do my work. Please Help!


Study Student

Dear Study Student,

You could politely say “I try to get my work done, but when you talk it distracts me. If you would like to talk to me, meet me on the playground at recess”.

If that doesn't work, you could put up an office. Some things you could use to make an office are your binder, a folder or a book. You could also go sit somewhere else or put on earbuds or headphones.

If those things don’t work, (they should work!) you could let Mrs. Goodman know this person is distracting you. (Of course not when she is teaching!)

Your friend,

Astrid (:

Seen and Heard By: Phillip and DJ

Shark Lady by Ann McGovern

Rudy's Book Review

My Book Review is on a book named Shark Lady by Ann McGovern. The book is about a little girl who likes to go to the aquarium and look at the fish. When the little girl grows up she started looking into sharks. When she got into college she started studying sharks. Then when she got a job she started going swimming with sharks and that is why the book is named Shark Lady.

I really liked this book. It was one of my favorites and that is why I wrote about it. If I could rate it, I would give it a 4 ½ stars. I also think that this book has a good story to it. Since I like sharks it kept my interest.

The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis by Barbara O'Connell

Wyatt's Book Review

My book report is on a book called The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis. It’s about a boy named Popeye who is bored one day, so he goes outside and that is where the small adventure begins. During the small adventure he is accompanied by his new friend Elvis. He also brings his dog alone with him on the small adventure in the woods. They find lots of clues and the day when they find the answer is the day that Elvis has to leave and hit the road again. The real question is will they have enough time to get to the answer before he leaves. Plus, if Elvis found all the clues with Popeye, it would be a bummer if he could not have the answer revealed to him too.

My opinion is that this was an amazing adventure book with some action. The book has lots of clues so it's like a mystery book, but not a murder mystery. I would give it 4/5 stars. It’s a great book!

Top 5 By: Selina, Esteban and Catherine

In our class, we did a poll to find out everyone’s favorite songs. We counted the data and here is what we found:

  1. Sorry by Justin Bieber

  2. Wildest Dream by Taylor Swift

  3. Love You Like I'm Going To Lose You by Meghan Trainor

  4. Can’t feel my Face by The Weekend

  5. Hey there Delilah by Plain White T’s

Those were are the top 5 songs in our class.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? By: Logan and Cade

1. What is 1297➗7 ?

A 185r2

B 186r2

C 184r2

2 How many genres are we supposed to read by the end of the year for our Genre Checklist?

A 7

B 9

C 8

3 What is 14567➗34?

A 431r22

B 428r15

C 455r23

4. What year did Christopher Columbus leave Spain?

A 1492

B 1489

C 1491

5. What substance changes form directly from a solid to a gas?

A Ice

B Foam

C Dry Ice

Answer Key






Student Editors: Coral and Melody