What is the role of DNA in biotechnology?

DNA has a very important role in biotechnology. What DNA does is help create a modified version of the organism that is trying to be changed.

How is biotechnology used in DNA testing?

Samples of DNA are collected and compared to other DNA samples to get the answer you are looking for. Such as finding a criminal or establishing paternity.

How is biotechnology used in the health industry in making medicines like penicillin and insulin?

A genetic engineer will remove a gene from a person that produces insulin. The person will transfer it in the plasmid of a certain bacteria. Then he allow it to reproduce until he gets a desired amount. After that he will let the bacteria to produce insulin.

How is biotechnology used in agriculture?

Biotechnology can be used to modify plants in order for them to grow in different areas of the world and to be resistant against certain animals that might try to harm them.

How is biotechnology used in bioremediation?

People use microbes to clean up chemical spills or any other messes.

Negative impacts of biotechnology?

Some negative impacts might be development of harmful chemicals and loss of biodiversity.

Genetic Engineer

A genetic engineer manipulates the genes, or hereditary, of microorganisms, plants, and animals. Genetic Engineers specialize in the field of genetics. These engineers also work with modifying medicines.

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