Indians in the south

About the TIgua

The Tigua are the only Puebloan tribe still in Texas. The Pueblo Indians were like the Europeans and Americans. They spoke many different languages and had slightly different cultures.

What the Tiguas ate

Most of their food comes from crops they plant and tend.Corn is the main crop they plant.For food they raised beans and squash. They also raised cotton that they used to make cloth. They also raised gourds that could be dried out and used as containers.

What the Tiguas lived in

The main thing that sets the Puebloan Indians apart from other Indian tribes are their distinctive houses. They build Pueblos. Their name, Pueblo, is Spanish and means "town". That is what we still call Pueblo Indian towns, Pueblos. A Pueblo is also a big building with many rooms in it. Sort of like our modern apartment buildings. Families live in a group of rooms in a Pueblo. Often many families live in one Pueblo. Many Pueblos had hundreds of people living in them. Some Pueblos were 4 or 5 stories high. In larger Pueblos there are several individual Pueblo buildings built around a plaza or square. Really big Pueblos like the Zuni or some of the Hopi Pueblos have several squares or plazas. The plazas are used all year round for ceremonies and group activities. Puebloan Indians have lots of ceremonies. So when the Spanish saw the big towns with the buildings, the Pueblos, they named the people who built them Pueblo Indians.
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They used bows and arrows. they tied them together with rope and bone


The eldest female it the leader of the tribe.

Location Present day

they are located in Oklahoma