November 16, 2012

What 'Ya Need to Know...

•11/19 Thanksgiving Break

•11/26 6th Graders to Camp

•11/27 Maggie's Club Begins-Look for more information from Lydia on this new program. If you have students who could benefit from the program-let Lydia know.


•Veronica Reist for an AWESOME Book Fair!!! Just in time for Thanksgiving Reading!

•Congratulations to Caroline Brown-The Groundbreaking Ceremony for Solana Ranch marks the end...and the beginning of a lot planning and work!

•Thank You to Mrs. Shreiber and Mrs. Adams for "living" in our Media Center during the Book Fair! We couldn't have survived the week without them!

•Thank You to Neal Taunt for serving on the District's Long Range Facilities Master Planning Committee. The group has completed their work and will make a presentation to the Board with their findings and recommendations.

•Kudos to Shaina White for getting our Before School Math Intervention program up and going! What a great opportunity for our students to improve their math skills AND build their confidence!

•Thank You to SBSD School Board Member, Art Palkowitz, for his 8 years of service! Our district is very lucky to have board members who are supportive, involved and caring-yet not Micromanagers! Congratulations to Rich Leib on his re-election to our Board and Welcome to Julie Union-our newest Board Member!

THE FLIP SIDE...Bloomin' Apps

Check out this GREAT interactive website- Each of the Action Words on the graphic are "clickable" and lead you to an App that supports that Cognitive Process. A wonderful way to think about using Mobile Devices to support Higher Level Thinking Skills.