Summer On The Road

Road Trip

Science World

This summer, I went on lots of road trips. I experienced physical science, because our car was always in motion.

I also experienced living science. On another of our road trips, we went tubing in a river and saw wildlife, like bald eagles.

Seeing Bald Eagles While Tubing

My cousins and I were tubing and kayaking down the river in Platte Lake, and it was a nice warm day. We turned a bend in the corner, and we saw a bunch of other people talking and pointing and saying, "Bald Eagle, over there!" My family all turned around and spotted an eagle perched on the top branch of a tree. We watched it as we floated down the stream, and suddenly it had disappeared! We looked around and saw the eagle soaring over the treetops and settled in a new perch. It was an amazing sight. This was an example of living science because we observed a living creature.

3 things to know about me (and an extra)

  • I like to talk a lot
  • I really enjoy easy-to-make projects we can do at home
  • I like to be really creative and use a lot of colors
  • I LOVE Stitch :)