English Honors II

Hooray, Sophomore Tigers!


Here in English Honors II, our class will journey deeper into the mysteries of Literature, take a field trip through Shakespeare's darker side and learn to communicate more effectively. We will learn how to argue and win. We, together, will learn and grow to be scholars and an enviable workforce.
How and Why We Read: Crash Course English Literature #1

Living in Harmony

What follows is not just the rules of the class, but also the rules we agree to govern ourselves as scholars. Our way of living in harmony together.

1. Come in before the late bell - seated and ready to make the journey!

2. Have all of your luggage and papers ready for travel.

3. Remember, your phones must remain on Airplane mode, while traveling.

4. Customs vary from place to place and living in harmony means respect everyone equally.

5. Smiles are the accepted non-verbal for Happy!

6. Vulgarity is always unpleasant no matter the language - please, do not use it.

7. If you find yourself without a necessary item, please notify the tour guide before class starts.

8. Food and drink may be consumed close to the entrance - we want you fed not the vermin.

9. Enjoy the Journey!

10. Remember to take pictures and journal what interests or confuses you on our journey!

Concepts We Will Explore in Class

Situational irony: The opposite of what you think - Christopher Warner
In on a secret? That's dramatic irony - Christopher Warner
What is verbal irony? - Christopher Warner