U.S. Army

Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all

5 Tasks for this job

  • The Army should develop planning factors and decision support tools now for implementation at the very beginning of the next conflict.
  • You,re tasked with upholding the Constitution and protecting Americas freedoms.
  • You must plan ahead to manage the requirements for health and the IDES for the next war.
  • Combat specialty personnel work in specialty operations, such as inanity, artillery, and special forces.
  • As a soldier, you will be prepared to serve our country whenever and wherever you are needed, combat-ready at all times, trained to counter any threat, anywhere.

5 Working condidions for this Job

  • More than 1.4 million are on active duty.
  • It may require you to sleep under the stars.
  • When on base (overseas) you will have opportunities to stay fit and relax when you are off duty.
  • He or She will find that the Army has built living accommodations that soldiers don,t have to share with each other.
  • The proper exercise programs enhance a persons quality of life, improve productivity, and bring about positive physical and mental changes.

Degree/Training for this Job


  • A soldier is the U.S. Army must be mentaly and physically fit.
  • Physical Fitness, which is important for a successful career in the Army, is defined asthe ability to funtion effectivley in physical work, training, and other activties, while still having enough energy left over to handle emergencies that may arrive.


  • Basic courses are usually taken in the freshman, sophomore year.
  • there are 2 unit introductory courses each semester.
  • there is a 4 year commissioning program.

Salary for this job

The salary for this job depends on the rank and/or the years of experience.

The state you live in doesn't effect the pay. But, you may want an area with a place where you can work, like a military base. The pay can rage from about 18,000 to 69,000 based off of 2013 pay tables.

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