Avy Doolittle will turn your home, into your DREAM HOME!!


Well all you need is to hire Avy Doolittle and Crew to return your place to its state of perfection using a planner,high tech computer,demolition tools, and materials (such as wood,paint,fabric, ext.)

I will add in the trends of the year to your home, such as Clean lines, Wood Finishes,Bright color pops,Different shades of blues,Patterned pillows and bedding, Wood Flooring, Stone or wood fireplaces,Lots of light,Neutral colors, and some updates to your kitchen and bathrooms.

We sometimes will have different perspectives on the things you would like done to your home and what I have planned so i will make sure to check with you on what you would like done. My crew and may sometimes have different perspectives on what needs to be done, but believe me we will be sure to get your home finished within your time limit and budget.

I know what your thinking, how much money do you make? Well the answer is that a person like me working in he United States makes around $48,500 in a year.

Also while I'm at it I thought I may tell you how long I had to got to college for and how much it cost for me to do so. HOW LONG: I have to go to school between 2-4 years depending on what degree you choose to get.HOW MUCH $: It would cost me around $115,00 to go to school for 4 years without a scholarship or anything like that.

The description of what we do is..........

With a given space, budget, and time limit this type of designer designs the inside of a home, building or office. They will make your room look beyond fabulous by adding everything and more then you asked for. They sometimes even do demolition work. How do they transform the space? Well, some use a computer, some use a sketch pad and some use other things to plan out the space. Then they would choose a color scheme based of of what you would like the room or space to look like. They would also fully furnish the room using things you already have and new purchased updated things. Keep in mind that they do all of this while staying in budget!

Some Things I Can Do

Hire Us!!!!

That is Interior Design!!