The Pyramids of Egypt

Description of a pyramid...

A pyramid is an iconic structure that is associated with Egypt. It was used as a burial sight for their pharaoh. They believed that the dead deserved the best in order to successfully pass through to the afterlife. In the tombs located inside the pyramids is the body of the deceased and a couple of chosen significant belongings.

What do they look like...

pyramids are triangular shape buildings that are normally made of bricks, sand and rocks.

Are they all the same...

All pyramids remain under the same shape, but size and quality is based on the importance of the dead person.

What does the building of Pyramids tell us about Egyptian society?

The building of pyramids tells us that the Egyptians were strong believers in afterlife, the gods, and religion. They were also a complex society because they built such large buildings (pyramids)

Why did the Egyptians want the pyramids to be spectacular?

They wanted this so they can honor their ruler. They also wanted to seem aprieciative and represent the importance of religion and afterlife. It was a lasting contribution to Egyptian society.