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Logan Minnick

All About Me and My Plans in Life

HELLO! My name is Logan Minnick and I am currently a senior at Chillicothe High School. I am enrolled in College 101, taught by yours truly, Dr. Watkins. I enjoy working, school, and hanging with my friends, and quoting vines. Next fall I plan to go to NCMC for 1 year, then transfer to Northwest and study Pre-Med.

English 101

English 101 is taught by Dr. Watkins at Chillicothe High School. Dr.Watkins graduated from Trenton High School and earned a Doctorate in Education at William Woods University.


Academic Resume

This essay is about everything I've done in high school and my accomplishments.

College Application Essay

This essay was about my mother and about how much she cares for others.

Narration Essay

This essay was about single mothers and if they could raise a child without a father around.

Analysis Essay

In this Essay, I wrote about how technology is slowly making children lose their attention spans.

Definition Essay

This essay was about achievement and how it is measured.

Summary/Critique Essay

This essay was about if it was more beneficial to get a manual labor job or get a degree.

Argumentative Essay

This essay was about whether a vegetarian diet was more beneficial to the body compared to eating meat.


"Top 5" Lessons

In my top 5 lessons, I will list 5 examples that will help get you through Dr. Watkin's class.
Dec 19, 2017 10:05 AM

Successful Paper Analysis

The paper I did best on, was my summary/critique essay. In this video, I explain what I did good, and what I did badly in this essay.

"Did You Know?"

This green screen video includes information on attention spans and how technology has been decreasing children's attention spans these days.

Logan Minnick

If you have any questions, just email me, and I will respond shortly!