Ms. Austin's Kindergarten

February 14, 2016

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Year break. We are jumping right back into the thick of Kindergarten with many fun activities planned for this coming week.

I love Kindergarten!

I unfortunately ingested something on my trip that caused a bacterial infection so I won't be back at school until Tuesday. I have to return to the doctor tomorrow for more fluids and IV antibiotics. I am looking forward to being back with the kids soon!



  • Number Grid
  • Number Grid Search Game
  • Penny (Counting by 1's)
  • Nickel (Counting by 5's)
  • Solid Shape Museum (3D Shapes)

Reading Workshop: (New Unit: Think, Talk and Write about Reading)

  • When we start a new book we think, "Does my book tell a story about someone?" and then we get to know the character by noticing what they do.
  • Readers pay attention to where the story happens: the setting.
  • When we finish a story we say across our fingers what happened first, next, next, and last.
  • We want our reading and our retell of the story to sound the way a person would talk.

Science: (New Unit: Me and My Environment)

  • Learning about Observation- Egg Observation lessons and experiments

Writing Workshop:

  • Editing (Capital and lowercase letters; writing on the lines; punctuation; spaces between words; using vowels in words)
  • Working on How To writing rubrics

Learning Centers:

  • Handwriting
  • 3-D Shapes
  • High-Frequency Words
  • Sorting coins/Patterning with coins

Book Week is Next Week!

Listen, Write, Read, Narrate, Imagine, Explore, and Create

BELIEVE in the Unbelievable…

Book Week 2016 Presents Page Turner Adventures

This year we will be going on a Literacy and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) adventure with Page Turner Adventures features Riley Roam as the “World Famous Storyologist”, Page Turner, and former Ringling Bros. clown Kenny Mikey, as her slapstick sidekick. This Emmy Award winning duo has wowed countless children all over the country at theaters and festivals. Their antics and one-of-a-kind style of educational entertainment are always a hit with audiences. This will be no different during their weeklong adventure here at Concordia. Throughout the week students will be pushed to Believe in the unBelievable through story theatre and hands-on workshops with the Author/Storyteller/Artist in Residence. There will be time spent attending story theatre productions, workshops, and events, as well as, working through story-theatre related study-guides in their classes.

The events within the week include the following:

UnBelievable Puzzle Adventure

February 22-February 26

Throughout the week a series of puzzle pieces will be hidden throughout the school. On each floor (4 puzzles in total) there will be an oversized puzzle frame related to story-theatre productions throughout the week. Students will be charged with locating these puzzle pieces and attaching them to their correct location and puzzle (all of which will be labeled on the back of each puzzle piece found. Photos of the kids with the puzzle piece(s) found will be shared with me on our website and social media.

Storyologist Passport

A storyologist is someone who is an expert at stories (listening, writing, reading, narrating, imagining, exploring, and creating.

These passports are needed to attend each show during the week to earn the official Storyologist license. There are four pages, three of the pages will have a place for a sticker verifying that the child attended at least 3 story theatre productions/workshops that week; (Kenny and Riley will do the final stamp and have an official swearing-in ceremony at the Parade of Books). Passports should be given before attending each show and collected upon return. Students will take these home Friday, Janurary 26th after the Swearing-In Ceremony.

Book Sale Pre-Orders (Library)

Due Friday, January 29 – let us know if you need more forms

Great Pizza Cook Off (PC Commons Kitchen)*

February 22-26

Classes will work in groups of 4/5 to recreate the Great Pizza Contest. Hosted by Eurest. Chef Hats & Aprons provided. More details will follow.

All School Read-In (MSR)

Thursday, February 25 @ 2:15pm – More details to come

Parade of Books (MSR)

Book Character Dress Up Parade

Friday, February 26 @ 2:15pm

Storyologist Swearing-In Ceremony (MSR)

Page Turner Adventures will have the kids say an oath about being storyologist and everyone will officially become Storyologist!

Friday, February 26 @ 3:00pm

Verse of the Week

Good Sportsmanship

“Do not gloat when your enemy falls. When he stumbles do not let your heart rejoice.” Proverbs 24:17

Is it more difficult to be a good sport when you win or when you lose? What character traits are necessary to be a good sport?

“Playing a sport won’t develop character; but playing a sport will reveal character.”

Upcoming Dates:

February 19- PSO Bake Sale Please send 10 rmb for your child to have a treat.

February 22-26- ES Book Week (See notice above)

February 26- Book Character Dress Up Day! Your child should come to school dressed as their favorite book character!

March 8- Early Release Day School ends at 11:30 a.m.

March 25- Good Friday/Easter Assembly

March 26-April 4- Spring Break

Thursday and Friday, April 7-8- 3-Way Conferences

May 2- Labor Day Holiday- No School

May 21- High School Graduation

June 8- Last Day of School All School Closing Assembly Early Release Day (11:30 a.m.)