Mr. Bacon's Tech Tool Box

Online Resources to Enhance Learning

Task #1 - Ask your child about Google Classroom.

  1. Last week each student was given a code to join our "Google" virtual classroom.
  2. Please visit to become familiar with the platform as well as numerous benefits our students will gain.
  3. Once your student is signed up, they will be able to view upcoming assignments, submit homework via google docs, google slides, etc.
  4. Please email me with any questions/ technical hiccups, etc.

Why Google Classroom?

  • watch the demo @
  • empowers the student to participate in learning outside of school
  • builds 21st century Web 2.0 skills
  • in the spring students are required to answer state test questions using drop boxes and dialog boxes
  • numerous Cinnaminson Middle and High School teachers/coaches embed Google Classroom into their classroom/sport to enhance efficiency (it is an interactive virtual agenda book)

Task #2 Log in to our Holt McDougal online textbook

  1. Textbooks are handed out upon request. If students opt out of textbooks, they are indicating that they have reliable internet access for the online version.
  2. Log in online @
  3. Explore the Holt McDougal website, our book is 95% online, nearly every page in the book is provided on the website. A few selections do not appear online due to copyright laws. These selections will not be assigned for homework.
  4. Extra practice, activities, video tutors are all available to help supplement each unit.
  5. Please email me with any questions/ technical hiccups, etc.
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Task #3 - Explore BYOT in the Classroom

Cinnaminson Township School District is now fully implementing a BYOT (Bring your own technology) program in their schools. Here is a form that addresses frequently asked questions regarding BYOT:


2. Students are encouraged to bring their technology to class every day. Students have verbally agreed to use it appropriately by respecting the instructions given by the teacher and to stay on task.

3. Technology can be used for a variety of reasons including: in-class research, reading digital novels, accessing google classroom, and

Mr. Garwood W. Bacon, Jr.

8th Grade Reading & CMS Project Challenge (6-8)

This is my 16th year teaching in Cinnaminson. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the Rutgers School of Communication and Information Science and a Masters in Education with a focus in Reading from Wilmington University. I am certified in New Jersey in elementary education and also as a reading specialist (K-12). In addition to reading instruction, I am also passionate about character education, and the facilitation of gifted and talented learning.