Middle School PD in Action

See what we have been up to since last PD

Our PD

Our PD focused around our Ipad implementation since our building is now fully one to one. We had four break out sessions based on the needs survey of our staff which included: management, assessment, work flow, and extending our usage for those teacher that are comfortable with the use of them.

Click the link below to see our PD slideshow!

Just a few examples of our learning!

Mrs. B & Miss Johnson used Thinglink to extend their learning!

These two science teachers decided to use Thinglink to go over the parts of cells with their students this week! Click on the example below to check it out!
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Miss Hartman tried out Flubaroo.

Flubaroo is a way to assess students. It is a quick an easy tool to grade students on multiple choice questions. Miss Hartman used it for her 2.0 assessments and said, "I tried Flubaroo, and I LOVE IT!"
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Mr. Atkins with Nearpod & Mrs. Dickel with Google Classroom

Mr. Atkins shared the benefits of using Nearpod as a workflow tool with some of our teachers just starting to use the ipads. Mrs. Dickle shared how google classroom can be a great work flow tool to do bell work, push out assignments to students, and even assess.
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Mrs. Staponski used some peer feedback techniques in her classroom this week!

Kagan has some great cooperative tools to use with students in the classroom. Mrs. Staponski used the activity showdown with her students this week! Both students solve the problem independently and then they show each other their answers when they yell, "showdown". They either celebrate or coach one another.

Mrs. Staponski said, "I tried the showdown activity in math. It worked really good with most of my classes. The students we really into helping each other understand."
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