Family Trip To Dallas

Drew Wilburn Samuel Williams Eddie Cruz

Six Flags

A Group Of 7 Is Going To Six Flags 4 Kids 3 Adults And In Total It Will Cost 469 For Everyone To Get In A Eat

Six Flags

Friday, March 13th, 9pm

2201 Road To 6 Flags St E

Arlington, TX

Hotel Marriott

This Hotel Is 359 Per Room So We're Going To Get 2 Rooms It Will Be 718 In Total


7:00am : Well Check Into The Hotel

3:00pm : Go To The Six Flags

8:00pm : Leave Park

9:00pm : Go Out To Eat

8:00am : Check Out

12:00pm : Go On A Food Tour

3:00pm : Come Back To Houston

Dallas :Arts & Culture , History , Music And Outdoors , Shopping , Ranches , Camping , Sports

Arts & Culture : Dallas Museum of Art

History : 1903 Dallas Was Apart Of Texas

Music & Outdoors : Patio Live Outdoor Venues

Shopping : Galleria Dallas , North Park Center

Ranches : Ranch N Rodeo

Camping : Camp El Har , Plantation Place RV Park , Woodshire Mobile Home Park

Sports : Dallas Cowboys , Dallas Mavericks