Environmental Services

EnviGrow Environmental Services is a boutique environmental consulting firm serviving the Greater Sydney Region. EnviGrow is insured, licensed, qualified, certified, experienced and passionate.


  • Flora and Fauna Assessment with 7 Part Test

  • Spotter-catcher field Supervision Letters

  • Species Impact Assessment

  • Dam and wetland Fauna capture and relocation

  • Management Plans (Wildlife, Vegetation, Weed, Environmental etc.)

  • Bushland and Habitat Regeneration or Recreation

  • Ecological monitoring, mapping or targeted surveys

  • Tree Impact Assessments and Management Plans

Land Contamination and Remediation

  • Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment (Stage 1);

  • Detailed Environmental Site Assessment (Stage 2);

  • Remedial Action Plans (Stage 3); and

  • Letters to council

Geotechnical & Bushfire Risk

  • Bushfire Risk assessment;

  • Bushfire Letters to RFS;

  • Basic Soils and Landscape Profiling;

  • Soil & Water Management Plans;

  • Salinity Assessment;

  • Erosion Assessment/Erosion Control Measures;

  • Acid/Sulphate Assessment; and

  • Effluent Disposal Assessment