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May, 2016

It's Gonna' Be MAY

Helllooooo! Now that we're headed into May make sure you're taking the time to reevaluate your operations, check-in with your current EPs, and make a final push before the semester closes out to ensure the best summer peak numbers possible! Summer Peak preparation is not over yet! If you have unmatched EPs, there is still time! Use the information in this newsletter, as well as the NSB, to assist your matching in any way possible. Please reach out to your coach or Shane with any questions or issues you're having! Happy Matching!

Please fill out this brief Matching Survey to help the NSB and MC better understand which resources are helping with Matching as we develop better ways to streamline the process: https://podio.com/webforms/15727975/1054513.

Shane Brannigan: IR TL

shane.brannigan@aiesec.net, +1-484-643-3318

Amanda Siegel: oGT Coach

amandas@aiesecus.org, +1-347-266-4304

Adriana Villar: MCVP oGIP

adrianav@aiesecus.org, +1-917-972-9791


From Our MCVP oGT & MCVPe oGT

AIESEC US - MCVP oGT & MCVPe oGT - May Reminders


Come out to this month's National oGT Call to meet with the NSB, get updates on national strategies, and have your questions answered by your NSB and MC! All members of AIESEC US are welcome! VPs, bring your members, your LCPs, your team members, everyone! It's gonna' be insaaaaane.

Integrated Payment

CHRISTMAS HAS COME EARLY AND WE NOW HAVE AN INTEGRATED PAYMENT LINK FOR OUR EPS! From now on, your oGT EPs may pay at the following link and then sign their contracts. Please reach out to Adry with any questions!



Welcome our newest OGX CEEDer, Dylan McDonough, from AIESEC in New York City! Dylan will be working out of the MC Office in New York City to support oGT operations, coach LCVPs, help with conversion, and manage national projects. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Dylan at vpogt-newyorkcity@aiesecus.org.

Country Partner Updates


Have EPs interested in India? Check out this awesome National Searchtool for AIESEC in India with a bunch of opportunities ready for match! Also, be sure to check out the AIESEC in Delhi Searchtool listed above for some awesome opportunities in that market. India is also currently sourcing opportinities for our EPs! If you have any CVs for EPs interested in Indian opportunities, please send them over to Amanda at amandas@aiesecus.org. Also, check out this list of opportunities available with TCS, a Global Partner!

Mainland of China

MoC has a HUGE number of TNs available for immediate match! If you have EPs interested in MoC or AP in general, check out the opportunities available in MoC here!

If you have interested EPs for China, please feel free to reach out to the MCVP iGIP, David Zhu, at jingtao.zhu@aiesec.net with your EP Profiles, or contact the relevant LCs via this contact doc.

Opportunity Alert - Future Colombia

Starting in June 2016, interns from around the world will head to Colombia to take part in the six month Future Colombia program. This program is available in eight Colombian cities: Bogotá, Medellín , Armenia, Manizales, Pereira, Ibague, Cali, and Cartagena and offers a salary of approximately $510 per month, in addition to meals for two weeks, housing for four weeks, local medical insurance, and visa costs covered. There will also be a bonus at the end of the program.

For this English Teaching opportunity, basic Spanish skills are preferred and native English is required. Please have interested EPs apply at https://podio.com/webforms/15536588/1051258. To promote this opp in your LC, check out this handy doc that our lovely MCVP UR, Alex, put together.

Reach out to Amanda with any questions!

Website Links

Check out our microsites for our partner programs! Be sure to give these to interested EPs and ensure your Marketing Teams have this information for promotion.

Value Delivery Summit

Looking for an opportunity to kick start summer operations? Come out to the Value Delivery Summit in NYC May 14 & 15. Kavya, our MCVP OD, and Madison Gunning, LCP App State, will be training on how to manage quality cases, deliver LEAD to EPs, and run summer operations effectively. The summit will include split tracks for OGX and ICX, valuable planning time, and so much more.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Madison at


If you're ready to register, do so at: bit.ly/yoloswagswag (don't ask, just register)

Deadline to register and confirm your attendance is Sunday, May 8th.

Let's make this the best summer peak yet!

OGX Audits

Don't forget that OGX Audits are currently going on for Q2! Please be sure to have the information submitted by May 10th to avoid any fines. The information e-mailed to the VPs is pasted below:

1. The OGX Audit is divided into two parts.

2. Part A : https://podio.com/webforms/15680892/1051238

3. Part B : Governance Audit. Kavya has shared a drive with each of you for this. All instructions about what needs to be uploaded there are present in a PDF in the drive itself.

4. This is round #1 of a three part auditing process for Q2 OGX operations. Round #2 will be conducted at the beginning of June, and Round #3 will be conducted at the beginning on July. Round 3 audits will carry a $50 financial penalty for each EP profile that is missing information and a $500 penalty for an inability to prove that 100% of your EPs received OPS. It is within your best interest to comply fully with Rounds 1 & 2 to ensure that this information is on file and you do not incur national fines in July. All three audit rounds are mandatory.

5. Ignore the submission date mentioned in the PDF on the drive. The submission date for the entire audit (A+B) is 10th May, 11:59 PM EST.

6. oGC & oGT audits need to be filled separately.

Global Searchtools

Having issues finding opportunities for your EPs? Want to find all of the opportunities in a specific country? Check out National Searchtools! These tools, compiled by each AIESEC Entity, have information and EXPA links on all of the opportunities open in each entity. If you have EPs interested in specific countries, check out the links below and start matching!

AIESEC in Belgium Matching Newsletter Sign Up Link

AIESEC in Chandigarh, India Searchtool

AIESEC in Chile Searchtool

AIESEC in China (MoC) Teaching Searchtool

AIESEC in Colombia Searchtool

AIESEC in Delhi University Searchtool

AIESEC in France Searchtool

AIESEC in Malaysia Searchtool

AIESEC in Mexico Searchtool

AIESEC in Mexico PwC Partnership Searchtool

AIESEC in Peru Searchtool

AIESEC in Singapore Searchtool

AIESEC in Spain Searchtool

AIESEC in Thailand Searchtool

***Be sure to check visa requirements for these countries, as some have specific requirements for incoming EPs!***

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Some Awesome Opportunities For Your EPs

Business & IT in Mexico

Entity: Mexico

Start Date: May 2nd, 2016 (Flexible)

Duration: One Year

Available Positions: Business: 1 | IT: 2

Contact: oscar.alcantara1@aiesec.net

OPID: Business: 733660 | IT: 733658

Info: Check out these positions open for Software Developers and a Business Analyst in Mexico City, Mexico! Pay is $574 per month. Apply here: https://podio.com/webforms/11118804/785231.

Have other EPs interested in Teaching English in Mexico? Check out these opportunities!



GE in Thailand

Entity: Thailand

Start Date: June 20th, 2016

Duration: 8 Weeks

Available Positions: 6

Contact: troy.wang@aiesec.net

OP Link: https://experience-v1.aiesec.org/#/opportunities/742373

Info: These Marketing GE Opportunities are for June Realization. This program also has identical TNs available for August and October Realizations. Please have EPs apply at podio.com/webforms/10162576/733245.


Tools For Matching

Don't forget about these resources available, chock full o' opportunities for our EPs! There are hundreds of open opportunities ready for match! Check it out!

Mexico Webinar

Have questions about opportunities in Mexico? Have EPs interested in practicing their Spanish while abroad? Want to make USEXICO happen? AIESEC for Mexico is having a Webinar on Monday, May 9th, at 7pm EST to answer any and all questions, as well as chat about current opportunities. Mark your calendars! The link will be distributed to the VPs oGT before the event. Please reach out to Shane at shane.brannigan@aiesec.net with any questions!
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