Our Digital World

How You Can Stay Safe Online And Not Come Into Trouble

The Internet

The internet was a wonderful creation that most people have enjoyed and still do. But there are still many who hate the internet for many different reasons. The eason that many people dislike the internet is due to bullying, harrasement, stalkers and phedophiles. People are bullied everyday onthe internet, this is called cyberbullying, this destroys peoples lives. A girl commited suicide due to a social network site called ask fm due to being bullied. Things like this destroy lives and are horrible.

Your Rights

My Rights and what you can and cant do!

When you reach the age of 10 you are expected to take responsability for your actions. This may also mean that you can be procecuted for them. If you ar eunder 16 then you are not allowed to be involved in any sexual actions, if you were involved with anyone under 16 then there is no defence for them and may lead to procecution. You may be put on the sexual offeneders list even if you are both under 16.

If you are in a sexual act with someone or touching someone in a sexual way and they are under the age of 16 you may be procecuted under the sexual offences act. Also if you are asking someone who is under 13 yeas old to do something sexual or take part in a sexual act then you may and most likey will be prosecuted. The are no defences for te person who is under the age of 13. The other person who is under the age of 16 or even as far as under the age of 13 most liely will be proseuted. Any adult who attempts to touch o rmake sexual contact with a young person (under the age of 16) or tries to have a sexual relationship with someone under age it is against the law.

If you are mean to someone about their looks (race, colour of their skin etc.) If you bully someone through electronic devices (cyberbulying) you can be prosecuted under the malicious communications act. If you send a sexual/naked photo of yourself to another person and you are under the age of 18 then you can be prosecuted, or if you have a photo of someone naked on your phone. Although the legal age that you can have sex with someone is 16 this law says you can only send naked pictures over the ae of 18.

Staying Safe on Social Media Sites

Facebook and Twitter have done the world a whole lot of good and have helped people all over the world with jobs and careers. Although they can also be a dangerous thing, they cause people trauma every single day. But partly the reason for this is people being stupid and not really realising what can happen. If you upload a picture of yourself which you see no problem in, well someone may see an interest in and add you on facebook. Then you think that this person who is adding you is perfectly normal but infact he could force you to do things that you dont want to. This was all due to a slightly revealing picture you have posted.

To stay safe on social network sites you should only make things available to view through friends and dont let strangers see it. Make sure that all photos are reasonably appropriate and nothing too revealing. Do never put your phone number or email address on facebook or twitter because then anyone can contact you and practically ruin your life. Do not accept people you dont know because they could be anyone and they could do anything to you once you have accpeted you, also make sure your photos are only visible to your friends, and your account and infomation is only visible to your friends or otherwise you may become a target. Although there are all of these issues and procautions you must take its a great way to keep in touch with friends and a great way to communicate.

Youtube and Other Social Network Sites

Its not just twiiter and facebbok it can beyoutube as well. As soon as you post a video or picture anyone can save it and put it anywhere. Once you have put it on the internet you have no control of it. You may regret posting it but there are horrible people in the world who won't care about you and will just send it to the whole world by the click of a button. This may ruin your life and its all because you posted something you didnt want to you were just too stupid to realsie in the first place. there are also things you dont want to see then you turn off your moniterand go and find someone you can talk to. also if you think it is illegal or racist then you can report it to the police or if it isnt that serious then report it to www.iwf.org.uk.

As well as friends and all the people that you know and what to get to know there are some weird people out there. It is almost as if they are hunting prey/ innocent people who are on the internet and are an easy target. You must report these people immdietly to CEOP reports. They may try and make you do things that you would never think of doing but you can stop all off it from happening by just following the steps above. If you report then you will NOT!! get in trouble so just do it if you are being pressured to do something you dont want to do or being bullyed.