The Boer Wars

By: Kannon F. , Peyson Y. , and Justin T.

The First War

The first Boer War happened in 1880. This has also been named the Transvaal Rebellion. The war was fought between the British and Dutch settlers in Africa. The war was fought because the European countries were taking over territory in Africa and they wanted to take over the Boers land and take their raw materials. On March 23rd, 1881, the British were unwilling to get bogged down in a distant war, the British government ordered a truce forcing the war to end. After the first Boer War, William Gladstone granted the Boers self-government in the transversal. The Boers was under the leadership of Paul Kruger, resented the colonial policy of Joseph Chamberlain and Alfred Milner which they feared would desire the British.

The Second War

The second Boer War broke out on October 11th, 1899 after Britain rejected the Transvaal ultimatum. The Transvaal ultimatum demanded that all disputes between the two states had to be settled by arbitration; that British troops bound for South Africa by ship should not disembark. British army reinforcement arrived in south africa in 1900. On June 5th, 1900, Britain took control of the Boer capital, Pretoria. The 2nd Boer War ended in May of 1902 with the signing of the Treaty of Vereeniging. The peace settlement brought the Transvaal and the Orange Free State as Boer republics to an end. In 1907, the British granted £3 million to the Boers for restocking and repairing farm lands and promised eventual self-government.

Britain and the Boer War