Presented by: Simon Foster

Brief Summary

The outsiders is about a boy named Pony boy and his gang the greasers. The greasers have a rival gang called the Socs. Pony boy will run into conflicts with his gang through out the book.

List of characters

Pony boy: 14 year old, protagonist

Darrel Curtis: Pony boys oldest brother

Sodapop: Pony boys handsome brother

Two bit Matthews: the joker of Pony boys group

Steve Randle: soda pops best friend

Dallas: the toughest in pony boys group

Johnny: a greaser

Sandy: soda pops girl friend

Cherry: bobs girl friend

Mercia: cherry's friend

Randy: Mercias boy friend

Bob: Cherry boyfriend

paul: Soc

Tim: Dally's friend

Curly: Tim brother

Mr. Syme: ponyboys english teacher

Character Analysis for Pony Boy

Trait 1: He's smart

Evidence: He was writing a essay and doing his homework

Trait 2: He has greasy hair

Evidence: His gang is called the greasers


Violence is not needed. Both gangs have lost many of their friends because of violence.

Important event

Johnny and PonyBoy were staying at a church and they threw a cig and it caught the place on fire. They both went back inside and saved two boys in there.


I would recommend this book for anyone that likes to be on the edge if their seat