The Sunshine Fund

What is the Sunshine Fund?

The Sunshine Fund is a ONE TIME ONLY collection that will cover ALL teacher gifts for the school year. Our goal is to have 100% participation from every family. Once the funds are collected from each family, your PALS classroom representative will be responsible for communication with all the classroom parents on gift ideas and they will also take care of purchasing the teacher gift and card on behalf of the classroom. Classroom reps will no longer have to try and collect at each holiday from all the parents and parents will no longer have to find the reps to pay towards each holiday gift. It will all be taken care of at the very beginning of the school year. Our hope is to minimize time and effort for both parents and classroom reps.

Ok, so let's get to the good much are we asking for up front?

We are asking (ONE TIME ONLY THE WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR) for $50 from each child that is enrolled at the Lighthouse School. All the money collected will go directly towards teacher gifts for the entire year. Here is a rough breakdown of how your money will be spent on your child's teacher:

  • $100 toward a Birthday Gift
  • $150 toward a Christmas Gift
  • $25 toward Flowers for Valentines Day
  • $25 toward Flowers for Easter
  • $5 per week for "Random Acts of Kindness" in the 6 weeks leading up to Mid-Winter Reports (a really nice bar of chocolate, coffee delivered in the morning ,etc). Mid-WInter Reports are a very large task for each teacher to complete, so we want to do something special in the weeks leading up to the reports to let them know we are thinking about how hard they are working.
  • End of the year gift for all teachers and staff. The remainder of the money will allow us to purchase a very generous gift certificate for the entire faculty to go out to a restaurant together to celebrate the end of the school year. It is something that we have done as a school in the past and that the staff really enjoyed.

Our teachers and staff work extremely hard. Its important to show them our appreciation during special times of the year. We know everyone is busy and we are really hoping the Sunshine Fund helps to streamline and minimize some of the need for emails and phone calls for collecting money for teacher gifts.