Team Respect Important Info

Spring 2016

JA Biztown Field Trip - THIS WEDNESDAY

1. Your child should dress for his or her job. CEO’s and CFO’s should be dressed professionally (same as interview), all others should dress business casual. Construction Managers and Package Handlers can wear jeans. No shorts or t-shirts for any jobs. Do the best you can with what you have to meet these requirements and let me know if it is not possible.

2. Students will be required to bring their own bagged lunch. It will not be refrigerated. Students can buy drinks, popcorn, and cookies with their Biztown money at the restaurant. Please make sure their name is clearly on their bag.

3. JA Biztown t-shirts will be for sale for $5.00. They have the Biztown logo and say “JA Biztown today….CEO tomorrow” on the back. Students must bring $5.00 cash (not Biztown money) to buy a shirt.

7th Grade Placement Letters

Today you will receive a letter from your child which has their Math and Language Arts placements for next year. Please carefully read over the leveling letter. If you have no questions or concerns, there is no need to meet. If you do have a question or concern about the recommended levels, please click the button below to schedule a conference on May 9th.

Middle School Visit and Track Meet Permission Slips

Please look for a permission slip to sign for our visit to the middle school on Tuesday, May 10th and for the Track Meet which is on Thursday, May 26th. These are going home today. Lunches are not needed for either day.

6th Grade Party on May 13th

A flyer is going home today about the 6th grade party. Please sign and return with your child if they plan to attend.


Please take a few minutes to go over your child's mid term grades with them by clicking on the "Home Access Center" button below.