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Art symbolises life to them. It makes dieing easier if there’s paintings in the tomb, and represents their religion. Different kinds of art are shown in different ways for a purpose. There are rules for paintings. Works of art sometimes shows the time period, or the painting may represent someone’s life they lived. Others show life itself, and what life is worth to them. The life of art has been long in Egypt, and the meanings of every piece would take centuries to explain. Hieroglyphics are very important in art. They are tiny symbols that mens different things. Each letter has a different symbol, and most of the art they make has Hieroglyphics on it. Here is a chart of what each letter means. If you study this enough, you might be able to write in Hieroglyphics to someone.
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Most of egypt surrounds the religion of egyptian gods. 2,000 gods are from Egypt, but the main gods are Osiris( God of the dead), Isis(Goddess of mothering), Horus( Prince of gods), Thoth(Creator of magic, writing, teacher of egypt, and messenger of gods), and Ra( the King of gods). Because their religion is so strong, their art is based on the Gods and power over something. A picture that has a god in it shows the power, and the strength they hold. For example: The painting below is The Egyptian Afterlife. A showing of The religion that the ancient Egypt was based on had a firm belief on the concept of afterlife. Rather than a complete cessation, death was taken as a temporary interruption of life. They strongly believed that an eternal life was possible by the means of piety of god and a medium for preserving the dead – mummification.

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long ago, art was very important. Everyone liked art the way it was, when a new ruler took over egypt. All art form was changed, and they had to change their ways of culture. All art before was forbiden, and forgotten over the years. After that long period of different cultures, egypt was forgotten, and art was lost. Many egyptian artist's are still out there making their art famous, but until they are found, the real art will forever be a secret.


Art is very important to egypt, and there's so much more behind the painting. By reading this, you understand the wonderful meaning of art and how hard the Egyptians worked to make all of them. The skill you need to create art is highly profesional, and needs lots of perseverance and patience. Not much people respect Egyptian art, and never take the time to look at the details and how hard it is to make it. To know more, go to the websites listed below.

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why i picked this for my project.

i chose African art because it is a beautiful place, and needs to be known to the world. So much art was made by people of hard times and trouble. Their way of art was amazing and beautiful, each picture symbolising a part of life and meaning. When you look at a picture, find out if it's from egypt. If it is, you may want to remember it, because it might be the only piece of egypt art you'll ever see. Spread egyptian art around the world, and help it be noticed. Let the world be captured in the mind of an artist, and egypt may be seen as art again.