Animal Poison can harm/help humans

By: Adeline Allen, Ethan McKinney and Racheal Stevenson

How do poisons harm humans?

Poisons can affect humans in many ways. It can kill people by just one bite. If you do get bitten get help right away because the longer you wait the worse it will get. There are 300 kinds of poisonous fish,400 venomous snakes,100 spiders,most jellyfish and most poisonous frogs.

Where do the most dangerous animals live?

How can poison from animals help humans?

You might think that taking poison from an animal that kills thousands a year and making medicine with that same poison is crazy but it is actually saving lots of lives. With the help of technology, scientist are able to fix medicine and make it strong plus hit its target. Poison can be used to treat brain injuries, strokes, heart attacks or even blood disorders.

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