Parents and Gaurdians

Hi, I'm Stephanie Joniaux. Your kids know me as Ms. Joniaux

I am a student at UWGB. I am a few classes away from graduating with a degree in Elementary Education; I am almost a teacher!

Every Wednesday, I have had the pleasure of being a part of your child's classroom. Since the first week of school, I have got to know and work with each student in Mrs. DeMeuse's class and each one has put a smile on my face.

A little bit about me....

I am 29 years old. I love to read! Especially about history or places around the world! National Geographic is my favorite magazine and I look forward to it coming in the mail every month! I love yoga and go to 1 or 2 yoga classes a week.

I do not eat meat but I do eat fish. Sushi is my favorite food! My favorite places are all outdoors. I love concerts or any live music. Spring is my favorite season. And gymnastics is my favorite sport. Oh, and GO PACK GO!!

I have a 1 1/2 year old little boy. He is so much fun! I'm sure it seems like just yesterday that your little one was that old! When I am not chasing him around I work two jobs, one as a caterer and the other as a waitress in a local restaurant. Although I am so grateful for the jobs I do have, I can not wait to be a certified teacher so I can do what I love; teach to and learn from kiddos every single day!